Allium Gigantium (after).

  • Allium Gigantium (after).
  • Allium Gigantium (after).

An Allium Gigantium from a friends garden. It has an incredible structure and depth to it, and can grow to over one metre tall. The plant is purple at its summery best, but just as beautiful afterwards. Lit with a couple of redheads.

The image size is 10" x 8" and the paper size is 15" x 12" on Canson Baryta paper which is a true Baryta paper developed for inkjet technology. It consists of an alpha-cellulose, acid-free pure white paper with the same barium sulphate coating as for traditional silver halide and a premium inkjet colour receiver layer.

The print is captioned 'Allium Ambassador (after)', blind embossed, and signed.

Shipping is free within the UK.