About Andrew Shaylor

A famous photographer once said, “if you don’t feel something for the photograph you are taking, how can you expect the viewer to feel something?” I agree.
I have been a photographer for over thirty years, working for a variety of global clients. During that time I have always created personal work of photographs of people, or places or things that interest me. The photographs here were taken out of curiosity, out of a genuine interest to look a bit deeper, a bit closer. The images here struck a chord with me, made some connection, so I tried to photograph them with care and craft, and to tell the story. Where appropriate, I have explained the circumstances under which the images were created.

I would like to state that I am a great believer in the print as a way of enjoying photography. I frequently print my images. Printing gives me choices in terms of dimension and paper stock, but most of all, a print is something you can handle and if you like it enough, put a frame around it. A photograph printed is something to treasure and to keep. I really believe that.